Husband Hunting

Morning chat show star Winston Davis’ network launches a reality show to marry him off in one year. What could go wrong?

60×30 minutes

Comedy (Series)


Husband Hunting revolves around Winston Davis, the co-host of Top of the Morning, USA!, the country’s number one morning show. When Winston learns his movie star ex-boyfriend has married his partner of fourteen months, Winston blithely says on air he could get married in a year. Once the network hears this, they convince him to star in a reality show focused on finding Winston a husband in one year culminating in a blowout wedding televised across the world during a series finale you’ll never forget! This madcap comedy riffs on celebrity culture, morning television, and the ever-resilient format of reality television.

Additional Information:

Availability: Worldwide

Genre: Scripted Comedy

Created by: Andrew Pemberton-Fowler

Developed by: AIOTK LLC